Please review the following points regarding the purchase of a pup from Scrumptious Paws Kennels:

  • All of our French Bulldog puppies are sold with a contract. Please read our 2017 Pet Purchase Agreement before contacting us about purchasing a dog. At this time, our pet quality French Bulldog puppies start at $3,500.
  • All of our pet French Bulldog pups are placed in your home with a mandatory spay/neuter and limited, non-breeding registration with the American Kennel Club (AKC). We submit AKC registration documents in your name after we’ve received proof of spay/neuter of the pup you’ve purchased. The AKC can take a while to provide paperwork, so be prepared to wait for as long as six months after submission for your AKC registration papers to arrive.
  • All of our show quality French Bulldog puppies (when available) are “co-owned”. They are placed to serious show homes for conformation, obedience, rally, and/or any other titled sports acknowledged by the AKC. References will be required. Contact us to discuss this in further detail.
  • Delivery of any puppy will occur no earlier than 10 weeks. We strive to make sure we hand over to you the strongest puppy we can deliver. To aid in that, we hold our puppies until they are 10 weeks of age and have been given two sets of vaccinations and have been dewormed. We recommend that if you are planning to fly home with your puppy that you wait an additional 2 weeks to make sure they have built up enough antibodies to handle the contact they’ll receive in such a busy atmosphere and be better able to handle the stress of traveling.
  • We do NOT ship our Frenchie puppies. If you are interested in purchasing a pup from our kennel, you will have to pick them up in person. We’re located in Las Vegas, Nevada and are available to meet with you by appointment. If you are unable to schedule a time to pick-up your new family member, it is possible for us to arrange for a pet nanny to fly your puppy to the major airport closest to you. Our puppy nanny will travel with the puppy, hand carry them into the cabin, and care for your puppy each step of the trip until you receive them at the airport. To safeguard your new puppy, we will not travel with a puppy before it reaches 12 weeks of age. Nanny fees will apply and are $500 and must be prepaid when requested. Please contact us to discuss this possibility if you are interested.
  • Our puppies are sold with a mandatory return clause. This means they can never be sold, traded, given away or placed with anyone other than the person purchasing the puppy. If for any reason you are unable to keep them, they MUST be returned to us. We will pursue any and all legal avenues necessary to ensure this is adhered to.

If you have any questions before you purchase one of our pups, please contact us.

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