As a responsible breeder, we always believe that you should feel welcome to look at other sources for your potential puppy, rather than waiting on one from us as we breed selectively and not very often. As such, we do not maintain a waiting list or retain inquiries from interested purchasers indefinitely. For this reason, our application process is as follows:

Step 1. Subscribe to our newsletter.

The newsletter is used to make announcements regarding planned litters, whelped litters, and available puppies. We’ll also use it to occasionally announce puppies which other breeders we respect have available, sales that are happening on our site or offers we can extend for our affiliates. Your information will NEVER be sold or used by anyone other than Scrumptious Paws. Complete the brief form below to subscribe.

Step 2. Fill out an application form

Once we have announced via the newsletter that we have a puppy available for placement to a good home, we’ll then request that anyone interested fill out a placement application. The application form is fairly lengthy – we’ll require information on your home, your lifestyle, and any other pets you have. We also require references who can (and will) vouch for you. To start the application, follow this link.

Step 3. Complete a Contract and Send a Deposit

Once your application has been received, we’ll review it and, if we think you’re a good fit for one of our puppies, be in touch to let you know if we feel that any of our available puppies might be the right choice for you. If we’re all in agreement, we’ll then request a completed contract and a deposit, to reserve your puppy. All pups will be sold on a first come, first served basis based on when the deposit is funded to Scrumptious Paws.  Our deposits on pet puppies are $500 and on show quality pups the deposit is $1,000. These deposits will be made on our website using a special product code which will be provided to you when we confirm receipt of your contract and approve you as one of our family.

Step 4. Come Visit Your Puppy!

At six weeks, you’ll be contacted to come and meet your puppy and their siblings, along with the other family members. This will be arranged by appointment only. Deposits are non-refundable, but can be transferred to future litters if you don’t fall in love at first sight!

Step 5.  Your Puppy Comes Home!

At 10 weeks, your puppy is ready to go home with you. Remember, we do NOT ship – you’ll have to come to pick your French Bulldog puppy up in person, by car or by air. We can also arrange to have your puppy transported by hand to you, via a puppy nanny for an additional fee.

What Comes Along with Your French Bulldog Puppy

All puppies come with a puppy care package that contains at least the following:

  • Puppy Care Folder used to record vital information such as vaccinations, screenings and medical history along with contact information for your puppy’s providers.
  • Copy of your puppy’s pedigree
  • Book containing care information for your puppy
  • Las Vegas Pet Scene Magazine (reference for something similar in your area)
  • AKC Information Flyers
  • Training information and articles
  • Window cling to alert emergency personnel to your pet(s)
  • CD with Hi Res digital copies of their baby photos, suitable for printing
  • Puppy toy with the smell of their littermates & mother, to ease the transition to puppy’s new home
  • Two days of puppy food
  • Collar with Microchip collar tag
  • Age appropriate vaccinations and deworming
  • Pre-travel Veterinary check-up
  • Suggested shopping list

Finally, we send you home with one of our puppies knowing that we are available to you and your new pet for life! Contact us any time if you have any questions or concerns. We will occasionally send along a follow-up questionnaire along with your new puppy, for you to complete and return to us in a year’s time. (Don’t worry, we’ll remind you when it’s time.) This will allow us to track the health and well-being of our puppies. We ask that you keep us informed of any address or phone numbers changes, so that we are able to contact you.

Welcome to our family!