To blog or not to blog, that is the question.

When I first started thinking about my website, I never envisioned having/maintaining/writing a blog. I mean really, I don’t know many people who’ll sit and read something that a total stranger wrote and definitely not the entire way through, much less want to begin reading the musings of a over-educated under-achiever. At least until I caught myself thinking of all the negatives, yelled at myself (yes, I literally shouted “Stop!”), and chose to focus on the positives. During that process I built a mental list of why I should write a blog and decided that alone is good enough reason to draft one if only to list out the pros to counter-balance the “Wrath of  Con” shouting it’s reasons in my head. So, in honor of the fight waged in my mind over the completion of my initial foray into the Land of Blog I present the top three reasons on my “You are doing this!” list.

Number One – Even if no one reads it, at least I can add “blogger” to the list of other monikers I’ve had throughout my life.

Think of it. You’re finally dead and someone has to draft the obituary for the local (albeit online) paper. They start out with the standard demographics (age, family, location) and then go into what you’ve done. I’m not sure I want my life to be summarized into one “blurb” that’ll run for one day when I’m dead. I mean really, it’s not about the back of the book, it’s about the pages between the covers, isn’t it?

Number Two – This is going to help you share your life with others.

I’ve never been one to keep diaries so my history is based on an “oral tradition” of storytelling at family gatherings and my own internal perspective which no one else can hear/see/understand. ADHD is great for slamming out a paper the night before but hell for building habits…good or bad, so perhaps by holding myself accountable to an audience, I can make the change and start by sharing a perspective on living, skewed as it may be by my life experiences! Who knows, someone may be able to walk away from reading this blog and be able to say, “Wow! At least I’m not that messed up!”

Number Three – You are wise and information you share may help others.

I went to college to avoid having to grow up after I tried it and didn’t like it. Yes, I started my formal education a bit later than some and had a few more life experiences than most. I decided that I loved it and wound up with four degrees (AA, BA, BS, MBA) and halfway through my doctorate. I’ve studied all the normal classes for the degrees so I have a wide-breadth of book smarts. Probably due to this, I have an uncanny ability to read something and generally be able to digest and share that knowledge with others. I did this time and again when I taught myself to build/fix computers, build a motorcycle, and now entering the world of dogs (training, showing, and breeding). So, if someone is able to glean even the smallest tidbit from my blog that aids them in their life, I can be proud in that accomplishment!

 …And away we go!

As Trevor Denman, the legendary announcer at the Del Mar, says as the gates open, I step boldly into this realm of online words. I present my heart and thoughts for others to encourage discourse in a positive way. I seek to find value in opinions of others whether I see things the same or not. I seek to share with my readers part of myself, bits of knowledge, and hopefully, some humor and happiness because, really, who can’t smile when they look at puppies?! And really, that’s what Scrumptious Paws is about!

PS – Please feel free to share, comment, and critique. It’s all about the learning process here!

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